you can forget about keys to manage access!

“With the SMARTair wireless access control system, you can forget about keys to manage access to your building from a single control point” – TESA, ASSA ABLOY

At Foston, we find it very important that our clients feel safe and have easy access to a building or office. This was one of the reasons to start working together with TESA ASSA ABLOY.

The products of TESA, make sure that doors are secured by a range of wireless locking devices. The door only opens when the person is known in the system, this is controlled by cards, codes or mobile phone apps. This makes sure that an unknown person never can access without “ringing the bell”. Unfortunately, more often it is needed to close the doors and carefully watch who is entering. This system locks the door automatically and therefore decreases the number of robberies. Furthermore, we can also know who is trying to access to any protected space without the correct credentials, and receive an alert.

This system is useful in companies, to guarantee your employees can enter easily and safely. As well, it is an outcome to use in hospitals, and care homes. It is safe, as not everybody can enter specific rooms, for example where important medicines or machines are located. As well, the system can control the person who is entering, as it is connected to software and schemes. This makes it easy for managers to check how many times a room is entered, by who and the date and time. It is even possible to manage access rights with calendar schedules for different user groups.

As a system integrator, it is possible for Foston to combine different systems in order to make them even more robust like we are doing in the health sector.

Hospitals could be one of the examples of the integration of different systems. Employees have to deliver care to persons, and sometimes they have to be aware of new technology. At Foston we want to make technology useful, so nurses concentrate on delivering care. We can combine the TESA SMARTair access control with the touch screen Nursecall systems, so any action done in the room will be automatically associated with the nurse that enters the room. From a manager’s perspective, nurses can easily press on the touch screen the actions done and TESA SMARTair technology will let the Nursecall system who is doing those actions and when.

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