Winter is coming

The weather is changing, the days will be shorter soon and the leaves will fall off the trees. The weather change will influence our health, and this results in a depressed face, more often having flu and feeling a cold coming up. The reason behind these problems is simple. Shorter days mean less sun, resulting in a decrease in vitamin D.

Vitamin D makes sure we have more energy, without or with a decrease in this specific vitamin, we feel lazy. Either, it is getting colder, windier and tonnes of raindrops will appear. These weather conditions completely test our resistance. Therefore, it is not weird being more often ill in winter. The weather change has an impact on everyone; however, the elderly are the most sensitive ones. Their resistance is lower in comparison to others. Therefore, it is important to take care of these people.

This article will give you some tips to stay healthy yourself and how to help the elderly, during the upcoming rainy and dark days.


To prevent a depressed feeling.

Try to create a rhythm. Frequency is very important when your body does not feel strong. Strive yourself to go to bed on fixed times, and of course, wake up at a fixed time and directly put on your clothes. Another important remark; try to eat every day healthy on a repaired time, and make sure you gain enough vitamins and minerals. Take into consideration products including iron, sink, magnesium and vitamin B. It is better to stop drinking alcohol, or at least lower the amount of consumption, thereby do not use any drugs. Besides that, find a place where you can relax, or do things you love.


Sport and daylight

Doing any sport is essential in winter. Even when it is cold, it is still recommended to do exercises. Doing exercises will result in a pleasing mood. Go outside for a walk and bring an elderly person as well. It is not necessary to walk for hours, but it is good for the healthy being to reach some daylight and vitamin D.


Preventing flu by eating healthy

To prepare our body for the upcoming winter, it is good to eat healthily. The immune system will get stronger, and the body is less sensitive for flu or other illnesses. Help the elderly by the choice of what to eat. It is important for them to eat (winter) vegetables, as these include lots of vitamins. Another tasteful idea is creating a soup. Create a soup including vegetables like onion, carrots or tomatoes. A tasteful option is to include some potatoes. When the taste is still not yours, it is possible to include some spices.


Eating healthy means eating fruit. The elderly often forget the fruit, during Summer it is more common to eat fruits, however, in winter, it is also important to include them in the eating pattern. Citrus fruits are still available in the winter, and these highly contain vitamin C. Tell the elderly it is good to eat a minimum of two pieces of fruit a day, for example, an orange and a mandarin. These are well known under the elderly and healthy.

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