What are the requirements of people in need of care…

Imagine you are old, and it is not possible to live on your own. It would be a pleasure if the care you need is treated with love. Involving new technologies, doctors have to spend less time on administrative work, instead, it is possible for them to look at the treatment what really fits the need of the person.

When technologies are involved in the correct way, the elderly or other people in need of care, are able to live on their own for a longer period. In this way, they can enjoy their own houses, instead of moving to a care house.

Involving technology makes it possible to create an environment whereby care can be controlled on distance. It is realizable to communicate via screens. This is an advantage for both parties as it makes it easier to stay in contact through the complete day, whenever there is an emergency the doctor can visit the patient immediately.

It is also possible to install sensors, voice-assistants or GPS-systems. These will send signals whenever the patient falls on the floor or something unusual occurs. Because these sensors are registered, the signals form data, what can be easily analysed. In this way, doctors are able to check the specific need for care, and at all time implement other needs.

In addition, it is also possible to automate the equipment in the houses. Today’s technology makes it possible to turn equipment on and off automatically. In this way new technology makes sure patients are able to enjoy life, without being insecure.

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