Welcoming a new intern at Foston Europe!

We are welcoming a new intern for the upcoming 5 months. A new intern will be present on the work floor of Foston Europe. Joske van Veggel will strengthen our team for the upcoming period and will mainly be concerned with the social media marketing. Joske is a dutch student from Maastricht and is currently in the third year of her study program international business.

What will she do for Foston

The upcoming period, Joske is going to be  busy optimizing the social media platforms to improve the positioning of Foston in the international market. She will conduct research on this topic and keep track of all of our social media platforms. She wants to join our team because she feels attracted to the international aspect, thinks she can learn a great deal and also expects to bring a great contribution to the company.

What does she expect

Joske herself says to be very excited for the upcoming 5 months. She hopes to learn a lot from us, it is her first time that she is actually involved on the work floor of a company and with this experience she expects to broaden her knowledge.

“During my study period, I have always been interested in marketing, and I believe this is the excellent opportunity to learn more about it, experience it in a real business setting and figure out if this might be my passion. Furtermore, I would like to enjoy Valencia. I have been in Valencia for a longer period of time before, and after an amazing experience I decided to come back. Ofcourse it is also a great opportunity to use the little knowledge I have of the spanish language and to hopefully improve this. I hope the upcoming period will be an amazing and unforgetable experience and I would like to thank Foston and Enrique Vila for the opportunity they are giving me!”

Joske van Veggel: Linkedin logo

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