Vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10

Foston Europe is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas S.L. Foston Europe is the developer and distributor of the vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10. The brand Foston Europe represents the mission to develop solid partnerships with West and Central Europe.

Foston’s core business is the development and implementation of our own designed integration software, ControlCenter10. As a result of our brand-independent software, Foston is able to combine the best out of all nurse call brands and manufacturers. Besides the integration of several systems in one network, ControlCenter10 also allows you to manage all systems from one interface. Foston’s technology is developed to create a safe living environment for the resident. This involves with or without a direct need for care.

Areas where the software of Foston Europe performs best are organizations in the long-term care environment, such as: nursing homes, assisted living, home care and other forms of care related organizations. Foston’s ControlCenter10 integrates the following technologies: nurse-call systems, wandering control, communication systems, access control, climate control and other building automation related systems, in one network. All systems are able to interoperate and are integrated into one simple and friendly software interface.

Iseco Sistemas S.L., of which Foston Europe is an international brand, has over 18 years of experience in the long-term care market and has therefore obtained a specialization for this sector. With over 300 implementations among the biggest care groups in Spain, ControlCenter10 is a proven and solid solution for care groups, assisted living facilities, nursing homes and other areas in the long-term care environment. Foston’s ControlCenter10 is a solution for management, care professionals and the residents. By using ControlCenter10, you can manage all different types of alarms and systems within the long-term care.

Flexibility and applicability is what makes Foston’s ControlCenter10 a total solution. Besides the long-term care, the integration platform ControlCenter10 manages multiple building automation networks on non-care related locations. Therefore, general systems such as: parking management, security, climate control and safety (e.g. fire alarms) can easily be integrated.

With our vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10, Foston Europe offers: brand independency; a solid and proven solution; interoperating systems; a customer relationship-building tool, and a proactive attitude of Foston Europe to make every implementation of ControlCenter10 a success.

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