Trends in Elderly Care: This will be the life for people over 65 in 2035.

Loneliness, short of staff, cuts in costs, all of them are reasons why there are a lot of complaints when it comes to elderly care. Luckily, there will be some developments in the future that may end all these negative pronunciations. Although we cannot know what the future will look like, there are some trends that we can already see.


#1 Become old at home

People are living at home more often and longer as well. In 1995 about 17% of the people over 75 lived in a nurse home, today this percentage is less than 10%. This is possible with the help of family members, friends, neighbours and caregivers. Another big helper is the technological improvements in the health sector. Because of this it is less hard for people to stay home for a longer period of time. One of the reasons is the use of telecare.


Photo by James Hose Jr on Unsplash


#2 Healthcare professional changes

Nowadays professional in the healthcare sector do not only work at care facilities, but also in neighbourhood teams and other networks. Professionals also are more likely to choose a life as self-employed. Because of this, the role of the healthcare professional changes. Nurses nowadays are not only doing their nurse jobs, but also work together with caregivers and volunteers. Besides, professionals are not doing their work in just one place anymore, but are active on different spots, for example nursing homes, but also at people’s homes.


#3 Client chooses

Another important trend in de healthcare sector is that care is more and more person-oriented. Instead of the disease being the starting point, the needs of the client and their social network are the point of start. In the future, the client itself will keep up a health record and give certain people in their environment certain rights.


#4 Technology has the future

In comparison to healthcare sectors in other countries in the world, countries in the West of Europe are making use of a lot of eHealth applications. Image Communication, Self-care, Robotization and Digital Platforms are used a lot in Healthcare. The healthcare professional of the future is, more than nowadays professionals, grown up in a digital environment and will make more use of technological developments.

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