Tools that are needed for a good nursing home

When living at home is no longer an option, elderly and their loved must be able to count on good care in a nursing home. Nowadays focus in the care sector is more and more based on the person, which means that the way of care and the intensity of it differs per individual. There are a view measures that a nursing home needs to take care of to improve their care and in this article these measures are being discussed.

First of all, it is very important to have more attention and time for the different residents. The resident and his relatives must be able to count on the fact that attention is paid to them, that the welfare of the resident is paramount and that care in the nursing home is also safe. This means that a nursing home must meet various safety requirements. For example, safety in the different aids, fire safety and food and drinking water safety. To guarantee these qualities, care providers must work with professional standards and guidelines.

Of course it is also very important to have enough, and also motivated and expert care providers at your nursinghome. When you have enough employees you can guarantee attention for the individual. With motivated and expert employees you can ensure that the well-being of the residents is paramount and that safety is present in your nursing home.

Another good point to discuss is that learning, improving and innovating belongs in a nursing home. This makes a nursing home better, step by step. This involves learning in practice, but also learning by offering courses for your employees. For example, let your caregivers walk along for a few hours, so that positive feedback can be given and both people can learn from it. Or, offer different courses every year. This keeps your staff motivated to do their job and therefore makes your nursing home rises a few more steps up the ladder.Have you integrated a new system to gain insight into, for example, the wandering behavior of different residents? Then it is important to offer your staff a course to learn how to work well with this new system. An example of such a system is the system that Iseco Sistemas system is offering, QlikSense.

In addition, it is also important to make use of technological developments. Technology can save caregivers time, so that they have more time for the resident. An example of this is the installation of detection systems, for example fall detection, in order not to waste time doing rounds every half hour or hour. These minutes can then be spent on actually making contact with the resident. Another example is the use of wandering detection, so that caregivers know at any time which person is where in the nursing home. This saves a lot of time searching these people and this time can also be spent in a more useful way. What can also be a good solution is the integration of the different systems in a self-chosen device. This way your nurses can see all the different detection systems at a glance and see where an alarm might come from. That way perfect help can be offered immediately. Iseco Sistemas has such an integration system, it is called Calas.

When someone is looking for a nursing home, the most important thing for them to know is how the quality of the nursing home is actually experienced. Experience experts are the most important source of information, so make sure that you place experiences of residents on your website.

Also clearly state in which region your nursing home is located and in which areas your staff is specialized. A person with dementia will find it important that different detection systems are present in the complex, while a single elderly person is particularly happy to get time from staff to put on their daily word. The demand for care differs per person, so it is important that you as a nursing home map your care offer.

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