The use of software in care instances makes life easier

In the previous article from last week we wrote about the influence of new technologies within the care industry. This week you will read about the software developed by Foston, which can be implemented in a variety of systems. These softwares will make life easier for the elderly and the care provider.

CALAS is the communication platform of Foston Europe and specialises in the development and distribution of integration systems in the healthcare industry. The main objective of CALAS is to effectively manage communication in critical situations to ensure that no nurse call or alarm will ever get lost again. CALAS is an open integration platform allowing all brands and systems to work together as an interoperating network of care systems from just one platform.

The platform is module-based, which provides tailor-made solutions that directly align with the demands or type of care provided in each specific care facility. With CALAS, you are no longer bound to one brand or supplier. You are able to select the technologies which best suit the requirements and type of care offered.

With over 20 years of experience and 510 implementations, CALAS is safeguarding the well-being, autonomy and privacy of over 81.000 residents in care institutions worldwide. By integrating various systems, the efficiency of care provision will be greatly improved. This can be done through systems such as: nurse call, wandering control, access control and many other care systems*. Additionally, all the different systems, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, are manageable from one easy to use user-interface. This means no more switching between different platforms and interfaces.

*Nurse call:de zorgverlener wordt gealarmeerd wanneer de patiënt op de desbetreffende knop klikt, het systeem moet ervoor zorgen dat er geen signalen kwijt worden geraakt en de patiënt altijd wordt voorzien van hulp. The care provider will be alarmed when a patient clicks on the button, which belongs to the system. The system makes sure the call will not get lost and the patient will always get help as soon as possible.

Wandering control: This is a kind of GPS-system, the care provider can immediately check where the patient is at the moment the patient needs help, or when it is missed. Using this system makes sure people get the freedom they earn but with a little control of the care provider.

Access control: This system can identify the person who checks in, it gives a signal to the system when a doctor goes inside and provide care at a particular moment.

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