The Spanish view on Homecare

Like in many other countries, telecare and telemedicine are used in Spanish home care. Care, counseling and monitoring of health can be offered through the internet. Professionals and family can keep an eye on home residents and ensure their well-being.

Spain has many beautiful traditions and one of them is taking care of the elderly within the family. However, this tradition is becoming more difficult to uphold due to the fact that, among other things, there is an increase in women who are working full-time.

In Spain many people think about taking action to improve the care. Luckily, these thoughts become actions, in comparison with many other countries. The profile of the user who suffers of loneliness in Spain is in 79% of the cases a woman, 66% is living alone, and around 60% are older than 80. There are several campaigns being held for the home residents with the purpose to stand up against loneliness. A  few examples are that the residents receive birthday wishes, Chistmas wishes, and just phonecalls to socialize. Another campaign that is held recently is the “hot campaign” with tips for the elderly to cope with the heat.

Up to 80% of the teleservice calls in Spain are calls towards the home residents. These outgoing calls include, medical check-ups, completing personal data, medical appointments, follow-ups after doctor visits, and holiday or daytrips notifications. The remaining 20% are the incoming calls. The average response time of the operator is less than 15 seconds while in many other countries the average response time is around 1 minute. A fast response makes the residents feel that they matter and that they are heard. 10% of the incoming calls include, requests for help for when the resident needs assistence of some kind; 17.5% are about data communication if there is, for example, a change in medication; and 72.5% of the incoming calls are about just simple conversations and follow-ups to verify the system. Based on these calls, new follow-up calls are scheduled by the professionals, concerning the relevant subjects. This is done to let the home residents know that they are not alone.

We strive to improve the healthcare environment for not only the residents, but also for the caregivers, and the management by responding and meeting unique healthcare needs. We believe that everyone has the right to live and work in a safe environment with autonomy, privacy, and dignity. That is why we want to introduce the Spanish way of working in the care sector for the rest of Europe with our platform specialized for home care institutions. The overarching platform includes the functionality to combine multiple systems, regardless the brand, which contributes to the social aspect. This integration platform, ControlCenter10, is more efficient and effective. Together we will fight against loneliness.


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