The health care sector has to take the environment into account

Every day we are confronted with bad news about the earth and the environment. It is not for nothing, that responses are made to this and that protests arise. When situations like this affect people, there is always a group of people who are against the decision. For example, the Dutch government wanted to ensure that CO2 emissions would be reduced, they had used the farmers to make it happen, by keeping a smaller herd. Thinking too big is not always working. The small things can have a big effect and the health care sector have to take this into account as well. loads of paper and medicines are wasted in the healthcare institution. This is not only bad for the environment, as well it gives extra unnecessary costs.

Every patient has different requirements, especially when it comes to the care and medication he needs. Regular checks must be carried out to ensure patient safety and to ensure that food and medicines are taken properly. This must be done for each individual at specific times. Traditionally this has been checked and managed using paper checklists, but these are cumbersome and difficult to share because the data has to be entered manually into IT systems to obtain an automated record. All this has consequences for efficiency and wastes time that staff can better devote to the direct care of residents. The use of a digital work management system maximises productivity and safety. The staff is given a list of tasks digitally and is clearly guided through it, using interactive handheld devices. Completed activities are recorded, timed and automatically uploaded to the cloud, providing managers, physicians and family members with a complete and secure audit trail.

Implementing a well-functioning system will reduce costs, reduce hours spent on administrative work and reduce paperwork. The use of paper will require many trees to be felled, which is also harmful to human health, as trees provide oxygen. Foston is aware that we need to look at solutions together in order to minimise the damage to the environment and health.

The solution is a digital work management system, as already mentioned. These systems are not harmful to the environment and are easy to use. Centros Residencias Savia in Valencia has been in a pilot project collaborating with Foston. The project was to digitise all its care registers and modernise its alarm system. Now the global digitization of their welfare records. Savia’s intention is to extend this project to its entire network of centers over the next few months. This, to allow all its professionals to digitally record the tasks carried out and eliminating the use of paper altogether.

Foston has designed two systems that take care of communication and the storage of data. More information can be found on our website.

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