Time for each other!

At this moment everybody is busy; striving to a positive bank account, an important client needs to be received and thereby the mortgage needs to be redeemed. This can cause a lot of stress and as everybody knows, stress influences the way people are behaving and it can lead to depression or even a burn-out. Stress is awful for the healthy being and we, from Iseco, want to overcome that our colleagues are facing these problems.

Sometimes it is needed to do nice activities together instead of working at the office. Previous Friday it was the yearly “ISECO Day”. On this day we do not plan any meetings or talk about financial numbers. On this day all colleagues come together and do activities. Friday, we went karting, it was time for something adventurous.

Vicente: ”On a day like Friday we work in a different way on teambuilding. It is great to see the behaving of colleagues in a completely different way. It gives a relaxed atmosphere and it brings joy. Three weeks afterward, everybody is still enthusiastic about this day. They are talking about who won the game and who couldn’t play fair.”

Yolanda: ”It was an enjoyable day, everybody was in a good mood. I think a day like Friday needs to be organised more often. We get to know each other in another way and it is important to do things together without brainstorming about the work that needs to be done.”

Santi: ”Normally, we are working in a serious way, and we communicate with each other about work stuff. On the ISECO Day, we do not talk about work. In this way, you learn how someone behaves outside the office. It is great to see that we could laugh with (normally) the most serious person at the office.”

José: ”We were divided into three groups, the fastest, the middle and the slowest. Ha Ha I won the second place of the slowest group, but it doesn’t matter, we laughed a lot and had fun. Some people were doing crazy, they had to stop after one round as they could not behave normally. In the office everybody is serious, so last Friday it was enjoyable to see the colleagues doing crazy.

Colleagues are already looking forward to the next Iseco day. Because of those activities, the atmosphere stays pleasant, and colleagues are getting to know each other in a different way. Finally, this will result in better collaboration, resulting in an improvement in the quality of the delivered products. ISECO is striving to deliver products with the best quality in the market. It is important that both, clients and the users, have benefit from the products. This is all possible, by working together with the most professional people at ISECO. A compliment for all the employees!Team Photo

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