time to say goodbye interns

¡Muchas gracias! The time has come to say goodbye

Muchas Gracias, time say goodbye to our three interns Annick Derks, Anton Welling and Deborah Berman. These three great students have done our organisation very well. For that reason we want to thank them for their contribution in the internationalization and value to Foston Europe and above all they were great additions to our team….

foston is welcoming three new interns

Foston Welcomes Three New Interns

Unfortunately it is time to say goodbye to our two last interns Sanne Klaassen and Casper Jeuken. We would like to thank them for their commitment and hard work. At the same time we are also happy to welcome our three new interns: Deborah Berman, Anton Welling, and Annick Derks. They will be with us…

two dutch interns at foston

Two Dutch interns at Foston

Valencia 09-26-2016, Casper Jeuken and Sanne Klaassen, two Dutch students, will be in Valencia for the next five months at the headquarters of Iseco Sistemas. Both students will do their internship at our international department. Casper and Sanne have realised their internship at Iseco in collaboration with ´Stage in Spanje´ (Internship in Spain). Casper, a student…