Make lonely elderly, feel a little less lonely this Christmas

A lot of elderly are feeling lonely and often even depressed. Some of them still live at home and others in nursing homes, often far away or without family and friends. Sadly, it gets even harder during the holiday season. Want to make a difference this year? Here are some things you can do to make lonely elderly feel a little less lonely this Christmas!

elder with nurse with system integration

Growing need for professional health care managing systems

Health care management professionals need to serve as planners, chief executives, administrators and managers in institutions that monitor the health of men and women. That is the main reason the need for a professionally run health care management system is growing.

Pilot installations

Foston Europe and NevisQ started pilot installations in Valencia

The smart sensor is assisting nurses with fall detections A little while ago, we wrote about a meeting we had with NevisQ, and about possible pilot installations of their smart sensor for fall detection. This week we are happy to announce that we have made the pilot installations of the smart sensor. David Link from…

Ageing population and changing healthcare demand in the Netherlands

We are experiencing an ageing population and changing healthcare demand in the Netherlands. The Dutch population is growing older. Not only absolute but also relative because the Dutch population is not only getting older but also experiences a decrease in young adults and births. The group of people that are in need of care is…

System integration platform Calas for elderly care

Calas for elderly care Calas is Foston Europe´s vendor-independent system integration platform. System integration – bringing separate hardware systems together into one platform – is highly important in the healthcare environment. Foston Europe gives you the possibility to choose the systems, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, and Calas will integrate the systems for the…

Successful meeting with NevisQ

Thanks to NevisQ for visiting our offices

Negotiations with nevisQ for the use of their smart sensor in full swing Outlook for the future after a successful meeting with nevisQ Stelios Katsanevakis and David Link of nevisQ have recently visited Valencia. We discussed the possibilities for installation of their product in cooperation with Foston´s software. We have visited two nursing homes in…

Nurse protection systems

Nurse protection systems

Nurse protection systems are used by the nurses or doctors in case they need help. These systems are usually used in mental health institutions or nursing homes with residents that have a form of dementia. There are multiple hardware systems that are used to send an alarm. Preferably systems that are not obvious for the…

safer independent living through technology - elder on the road safer independent living

Safer independent living through technology

These days only 14% of elderly people above 80 years old live in a nursing home. There are not a lot of elderly people living in nursing homes, because they prefer to live independent for as long as possible. They only consider moving in to a nursing home if there is no other option, until…

elderly fall nine times get up 10 - hand of an elder

Elderly: Fall nine times, get up 10!

The term falling refers to the event of sudden and involuntary drop or descend to the ground. In the Netherlands, more than 30% of the elderly over 65 years old fall once a year and 15% fall more than once a year. When the elderly get older, the risk of falling also increases. When elderly still…

vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10 - hands together for helping elders

Vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10

Foston Europe is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas S.L. Foston Europe is the developer and distributor of the vendor independent systems integration platform ControlCenter10. The brand Foston Europe represents the mission to develop solid partnerships with West and Central Europe. Foston’s core business is the development and implementation of our own designed integration software,…