Elderly person staying fit

Being strong and healthy increases the chance of happier ageing

Today’s article we have a collaboration from Alberto Bosquet, head coach at Fuertacos.es, he is going to explain to us the fundamental physical basis of every human being, the strength. Alberto – Head Couch of Fuertacos.es  Nursing homes are not full of people for lack of energy, if not for lack of strength because they…

How to stay healthy as a senior!

Sometimes, we can easily forget to take care of ourselves; whether it is helping maintain our physical, mental or emotional health. Especially seniors and caregivers can forget to look after all aspects of their health. But how can they approach their health in a different way? Here are some tips!

Healthy Ageing: tips for care professionals and ourselves

Nowadays, we are getting older. The life expectancy currently is around 79, but in 2030 it will be around 90 years old. However, getting older does not automatically mean we also stay healthy at this age. The quality of life can actually be deteriorated. Because of this, healthy ageing is so important. A healthy lifestyle…

5 Technological Innovations Future

5 Astounding Technological Innovations for Healthcare

We live in a time where technological innovations are all around us. Nothing really surprises us anymore. However, there are some new developments and possibilities, that can still blow our minds, like these 5 astounding technological innovations! 1. Robots Some find it a scary idea and others want one right now; either way this technology…