System integration platform Calas for Hospitals

Calas for hospitals

system integration platform

Calas is Foston Europe´s vendor-independent system integration platform. System integration – bringing separate hardware systems together into one platform – is highly important in the healthcare environment.

Foston Europe gives you the possibility to choose the systems, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, and Calas will integrate the systems for the efficiency of your organization. This platform specializes in healthcare and therefore adjusts to unique healthcare needs. Different modules are available and you have the option to choose which module is most relevant to you.

A great advantage of Calas is that the system can be connected however you wish. The system can be displayed on a screen but can also be directed to a DECT phone or even a mobile phone, using an app.

Calas for hospitals

For hospitals, Calas is a perfect solution thanks to the possibilities of system´s integration. Foston connects all existing systems into one integrated platform. Also, we have the opportunity that we can add new systems or replace existing ones when needed. We only need to replace the defected products with new ones and calas will make both systems work in the same way, thanks to the integration

An example is that if several room terminals of a nurse call system are not working anymore, they can be replaced with new ones and integrated into the existing system. This integration can be done with different brands or different versions of one product. For a hospital, all offered services are highly useful:

  • Nurse call
  • Wandering control
  • Access control
  • Fire alarms
  • Positioning systems
  • General building automation

Implementing and integrating these systems into one functional dashboard optimizes functionality. Due to this, the focus is more on the patient instead of analyzing and interpreting complicated data. Furthermore, the hospital chooses its own products and Foston provides the software to integrate all the systems.

Main benefits of a system integration platform like Calas

The most important benefits of Calas are:

  • Brand independent
  • Including building automation
  • Modular platform
  • No more lost nurse calls
  • One platform for all systems
  • Access based on authorization

Read more about Calas and contact us if you are interested or to answer any of your questions!

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