System integration platform Calas for elderly care

Calas for elderly care

Calas is Foston Europe´s vendor-independent system integration platform. System integration – bringing separate hardware systems together into one platform – is highly important in the healthcare environment.

system integration platform

Foston Europe gives you the possibility to choose the systems, regardless of the brand or manufacturer, and Calas will integrate the systems for the efficiency of your organization. This platform specializes in healthcare and therefore adjusts to unique healthcare needs. Different modules are available and you have the option to choose which module is most relevant to you.

A great advantage of Calas is that the system can be configured considering your particular needs. The system can be displayed on a screen but can also be directed to a DECT phone, IP phone or even to a mobile phone app.

Elderly care

Elderly care can involve home care, assisted living and nursing homes. Calas integrates all necessary assistance systems for each individual. With our system integration platform, the opportunity arises to integrate many systems:

  • Nurse call
  • Wandering control
  • Access control
  • Fire alarms
  • Positioning systems
  • General building automation
  • Carephones
  • Sensors

Home care

For home care, this might mean that an individual wears a pendant connected to a carephone that can send an alarm in case of emergency. Calas receives this alarm and delivers it to the correct caregivers. They can talk to the user to determine the needs of the emergency and help can be sent. According to an assessment of the situation, the needed assistance can be provided. For every individual, the specific agreements about this patient will be displayed. It is also possible to show the exact location of the patient.

The individual feels safer and more comfortable while having all the freedom to live in their own house.

Assisted living

Assisted living is comparable to home care but the houses of the users are usually together and adjusted for elderly people. A nurse is closer around and checks up more often, though it provides a certain feeling of independence for the person. The technology installed in these houses (carephones, sensors etc.) delivers the data to Calas and the attention that is required by the user can be delivered according to the information received.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes are likely to need more applications. The great thing about the integrated platform is that all individual systems work together and can be adapted to individuals. It can be determined, for example, that a certain alarm is more important according to the time frame. Most patients in nursing homes will have nurse call systems installed in their rooms but some patients need wandering control too. For nurses as well as patients, installing access control can easily determine whether certain doors can be accessed or not depending on the user, time frame, door, and even on the fact whether the user is with someone else. Supplementing this with fire alarms, positioning systems, and general building automation optimizes the effectiveness of your nursing home.

The great thing about Calas is that it integrates any old systems you might have installed and want to continue using, with possibilities of installing new systems that will interact with them.

Main benefits of a system integration platform like Calas

The benefit of Calas is that people feel they are independent to a certain degree but they can call for assistance at any time.  The elderly are likely to become less insecure about themselves.

The nurses see all the alarms from all different systems in the same way. They do not need to change their way of working and Calas can deliver the needed information in the desired way. Nurses can, at any time, recall all the information about previous alarms. Furthermore, the manager easily accesses the system and, by using the statistics module, checks the evolution of the alarms received. The manager is able to take corresponding decisions based on the overall information. Also for maintenance, an integrated system provides many benefits. Calas will give information on which system should be fixed.

The care provider chooses which products he would like to use and Foston integrates them in one platform: Calas

More efficiency and also cost savings will be the main result of our system integration platform.

The most important benefits of Calas are:

  • Brand independent
  • Including building automation
  • Modular platform
  • No more lost nurse calls
  • Alarms will look for nurses, not the other way around
  • One platform for all systems
  • Access based on authorization

Read more about Calas and contact us if you are interested or to answer any of your questions!

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