Thanks to NevisQ for visiting our offices

Negotiations with nevisQ for the use of their smart sensor in full swing

Outlook for the future after a successful meeting with nevisQ

Stelios Katsanevakis and David Link of nevisQ have recently visited Valencia. We discussed the possibilities for installation of their product in cooperation with Foston´s software. We have visited two nursing homes in the surrounding of Valencia and determined that great things are possible with this new and revolutionary sensor and the integration done by Foston. After the upcoming pilot installations, we expect to have positive results.

successful meeting with NevisQ

But, what is nevisQ? 

successful meeting with NevisQ

NevisQ is the developer of a smart sensor system based on analysis of a specific area. The smart sensor analyzes the movement and activity.  Based on algorithms, the sensor detects a certain behavior – according to the movements in a room. The product has already been applied in nursing homes in Germany and proves to be successful. Now, nevisQ looks for expansion and has found a curious partner, Foston Europe. This potential partnership with nevisQ will be a new challenge but also a great opportunity for both companies.

At this moment, the sensor is highly suitable in health care for fall detection. And that is where we can play an important role. Moreover, installing the sensor in nursing homes will improve the efficiency of the workers by controlling things that used to be more difficult. When a person is getting out of the bed, the sensor detects this as soon as the patient places his feet on the ground. The sensor sends an alarm if necessary.

The processing of the detection is adjustable for every individual. This means that the time the sensor is active is adjustable. What the sensor should detect and when it should send an alarm can also be determined. The sensor can be used for direct alarm but also for the establishment of a long-term behavioral pattern. The use of the Foston software assures a perfect integration with all other systems active in the nursing home.

In our opinion, nevisQ has a revolutionary sensor that will modify the care in Nursing Homes!

Stelios Katsanevakis: “When we visited Foston, we not only got to know the generous Spanish hospitality, but also more about the Spanish inpatient care market. The combination of Foston’s solution and our technology will greatly contribute to the relief of caregivers and the modernization of nursing homes; and so we look forward to the cooperation.”

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