SMARTair™ soon available in Foston Europe’s healthcare communication platform

Iseco, the Spanish division of Foston Europe, is now distributor of SMARTair™, a product of the Spanish company TESA. TESA is leading manufacturer of locking solutions and access control technology for the residential and institutional markets. TESA exports its products to markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, Asia Pacific and countries in North Africa.

TESA is a subsidiary of ASSA ABLOY, global leader in locking solutions and a market leader in Europe, North America, China and Oceania.

TESA’S SMARTair™ is one of the most innovative access control systems on the market, a contact- and wireless system which gives you personal access to different areas in a building. A suitable solution for all kinds of buildings, like offices, care institutions and organisations.

SMARTair™ is an easy and safe access control system, where keys are no longer necessary. Besides that, it is cheaper and faster to replace a lost card than a lost key. Lost cards can be blocked and new cards can be activated easily from the system. Also, safety locks do not have to be replaced in case of a lost card.  The unique solution for the whole building fits in all kinds of doors and access points.

Foston Europe will integrate SMARTair™ in their open healthcare communication platform ControlCenter. You can set your own settings and changes through the simple and friendly software interface of ControlCenter. In this way, you can decide who has access when and to which room. It is also possible to make changes in this schedule. Notifications will be sent to ControlCenter when there are unusual actions, for example if doors are left open, if there is a low battery status, access is denied or a blocked card is used. Also, notifications will be sent if there is a case of intrusion.


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