Safer independent living through technology

These days only 14% of elderly people above 80 years old live in a nursing home. There are not a lot of elderly people living in nursing homes, because they prefer to live independent for as long as possible. They only consider moving in to a nursing home if there is no other option, until then they are not even thinking about it.  The main reason why they do not want to live in a nursing home is because they think they will not have enough privacy. Elderly people think they will be watched in everything they do. Of course this is a good thing if there is an emergency, but if there is nothing going on they experience it as very annoying. Elderly people also have the feeling that they will not get a lot of visitors when they live in a nursing home compared to independent living.

Elderly people prefer to live independently, but it is not always safe. Over 30% of elderly people above 65 years old fall more than once in a year. If anybody falls there has to be someone with that person in a really short time. Besides that there are many elderly people who forget things or suffer from dementia disease. They do not only forget about small things, like names, but also very important things, like turning off the stove. Another problem is wandering, which is also a thing people who suffer from dementia disease do, these kinds of situations can become very dangerous. The families of elderly people worry a lot about them, but they also have to work, so it can be very stressful. It is not only stressful for the families, but also for the elderly people themselves. For them it feels like they are being watched and checked in everything they do. This impedes, just as in a nursing home, their independency and privacy.

At this point there are a lot of care systems which can help to ensure the safety of elderly people. There are many kinds of active and passive care systems possible to make sure elderly people can live safe and independent in their own houses. In case of an emergency an alarm will be send to the closest nurse, so she can go immediately to the place of the emergency. In that way elderly people can live independent and safe, without their privacy being affected. Knowing this gives the elderly people and their families a safe feeling.

By means of care systems we contribute to a safe and independent life for elderly people, without their privacy being affected.

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