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Iseco, the Spanish division of Foston Europe,  has started a new project in cooperation with two partner companies. The goal of this project, called SAFE-ECH, is to develop and implement a monitoring and controlling system for the surveillance of the residence for elderly people. Safety, healthiness and comfort for the elderly people are the important aspects to make this project a success.

The proposed system exists of deployed sensors and an observation server. The system is based on the open standards of communication, information management, interoperability and representation of information. The sensors can be both wireless and wired. The sensors collect information and signals in the residences and send these to a central control center.  All the collected information will be saved on a server.

SAFE-ECH will raise the dignity of residents, improve the safety of residents, provide a faster responds time, lower the costs, improve the quality of care, flexibility and improve the management protocols.
As told before, the SAFE-ECH project will be accomplished by three partner companies, Iseco Sistemas, Solimar and the research group of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.  The SAFE-ECH project can be realized by combining the knowledge and experience of these three companies.

Iseco Sistemas, the parent company of Foston Europe, is a company which is prepared to accept the challenge of technological changes. They have a team with experts in different areas of technology; communication, computer science and electronics.

The team, for this research, exists of more than 15 professionals, which among internal and external employees, they all have an extensive work experience in different areas of engineering. 50% of the professional are graduated and 75% of the employees have had technical training in secondary or higher level.

ControlCenter is a software platform, fully developed by Iseco Sistemas. Surveillance on buildings and big areas can be held through the platform. ControlCenter makes different systems function together, they can be managed from one intelligent system. The most important functions of ControlCenter as an open platform are; Nurse calls system management, incident analysis, lifestyle monitoring, Telecontrol, data management and analysis, maintenance management and building management.

Solimar, is a company established in the health care. They have a team of more than 400 professionals. Solimar offers living space, care and daytime activities to elderly people, in the Valencian region. Ever since their foundation, Solimar is able to offer extended service in the health care.

The thing that makes Solimar stand out from others, is that they want more professionalism and human quality for residents who need it. Therefor they stimulate further investigation on all areas of social and health services.

Nine nursing homes for elderly people, four daycare centers, domestic help and functional revalidation service are one of the most important services Solimar offers. At the moment, Solimar is one of the most important companies in the health care in Spain.

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, contributes to this project, with their experience in the development of Sensor Web Enablement projects, on national and international level. Also, they contribute with their knowledge of the design, the development and the validity of the program interface; this represents the capability of communication between software elements and the HMI of different access devices.
The research group of the Polytechnic University of Valencia got their experience, through participating on several research projects.

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