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The project SAFE-ECH is a new Iseco project, the Spanish division of Foston. Iseco is in cooperation with the two partner companies Solimar and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

The goal of the project is to develop and implement a monitoring and controlling system for the supervision of care institutions. Safety, health and comfort for the residents and workers are important aspects to make this project a success. The system will be based on open communication standards, information management, interoperability, information representation and reasoning.

Our previous article about project SAFE-ECH, read here, gives an introduction about the project participants and their role in the project. Today we will go further into detail about the technological goals of the SAFE-ECH project.

The technological design of the platform is structured in three basic blocks:

  • The monitoring platform will be built based on communications. This is to ensure that information flows in the right direction and does not generate bottlenecks.
  • Interoperability and data exchange between processes and entities. As there will be devices and processes from different manufacturers. It will be necessary for the managing systems to be able to process and visualise all the information.
  • The Human Interface (HMI), will be a natural and intuitive portal for risk management and situation monitoring in living environments for elderly.

Monitoring centers

The monitoring centers provide the necessary tools to monitor the living environments of the elderly. These are on location or externally. The monitoring centers could be equipped with different types of platforms. A few examples are: primary control, local monitoring and a mobile monitoring platform.

Data interchange and interoperability

To establish such monitoring platforms, it is important to achieve a state of interoperability between different systems. This is due to safeguard the data exchange and control the processes. The SAFE-ECH system can be seen in its more general dimension as an umbrella system managing various systems, in other words “an interconnection of autonomous systems”. Therefore, it is necessary to design a planning mechanism for the real-time execution of the different processes.

Platform interface

The monitoring and control platform interface is the point of access for users to the entire SAFE-ECH working environment. The HMI must be friendly and intuitive, but at the same time it must include all the necessary capacities to carry out the tasks assigned. In order to facilitate the complete access, the HMI will be implemented as a web application. Therefore, the monitoring and control application can be accessed through any device with Internet access.

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