Care group Solimar: Our partners in the spotlight

Care group Solimar is an in Valencia established company, that is specialized in the management of more than 1200 places spread out over seven healthcare centers in the Valencian region. Besides the healthcare centers, Solimar also offers other facilities, like day care, home care, short-term stays, recovery stays and intensive care for neurological recovery.

By means of the offered services is Solimar aiming to reach their goal; improving the quality of the lives of older persons. They try to reach this goal due to offering qualitative good care, provided by professional care givers. It is their calling to take good care for the residents of Solimar.
Solimar is doing everything they can to offer the best quality of care as possible. For them, technology is a solution for the most efficient and effective way of offering care. Using technology makes sure that care givers have enough time for personal attention for the residents.

Care group Solimar and Iseco Sistemas (Spanish branch of Foston Europe), are working together since the start of Solimar. De cooperation is strong and allows the fast interchange of information. This way both organizations are on top of developments in both markets. Iseco keeps Solimar up-to-date on the newest technologies.  Iseco learns from Solimar about the newest demands and developments in the care market. Besides that, Iseco and Solimar also work together on projects for developments in the care market. At the moment, they are working, together with the Technical University of Valencia, on a project called SAFE-ECH. The goal of this project is to develop a monitoring and controlling system for the surveillance of the residence for elderly people.

The cooperation between Iseco and Solimar is present on many levels between the companies, from management and technicians to nurses. Additionally, the international students of Solimar and Iseco (Foston Europe) are working together. They help each other learn about technology and care. Care group Solimar organizes a tour through one of their locations for the interns of Foston and we explain and demonstrate the newest technology to them.

Solimar is an important partner company for Iseco, they give valuable feedback and are a focus group for evaluating on new developments. Thanks to the direct contact between both companies, Iseco can adapt to the demands from the market. We are working continuously on perfecting products for the implementation in the care market and the corporation on new product and innovations.

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