Nurse protection systems

Nurse protection systems are used by the nurses or doctors in case they need help. These systems are usually used in mental health institutions or nursing homes with residents that have a form of dementia.

There are multiple hardware systems that are used to send an alarm. Preferably systems that are not obvious for the patients, but easy to use is by the nurses or employees.


Two of the nurse protection systems will be explained. These are systems that are often used.

The first system is the tag. The tag can be a wristband that nurses or doctors wear. Antennas are installed in the building and when the tag passes an antenna, the system registers which antenna that is. Because of this, the location can be known and help can come. When the button on the wristband is pressed, the radio frequency sends the last location of the user with that wristband.

Another nurse protection system is the ‘long push’ on dect phones. With the long push feature on a dect phone, the nurse can send an alarm if help is needed. It works like a tag but it is another device. With the new dect phone it is possible if the long push is used, that the location will be displayed. This type of system is used before the situation escalates, because the aggressor will not know that help is coming.


Making use of the systems will result in work efficiency. It is not needed to check the patients with more than one nurse, since the system will make sure if the nurse needs help, an alarm can be send. Help will come immediately. Because of this other nurses can do other work, which increases the work productivity. Moreover, is the fact that the staff feel more safe. They will do their tasks more confidently and this will have a positive effect on their mood.

Furthermore, not only have the systems positive effects on the staff but also on the patients. They don´t feel intimidated when only one nurse is going to check on how they are doing. This can result in some way that the patient may become less aggressive.

Foston Europe and Nurse Protection Systems

Foston Europe can integrate all kinds of systems and with our software we can combine them, or personalize to the needs of the client in a way that they feel more comfortable. Integration is possible of not only dect phone systems but also IP phones, tablets or smartphones. These devices can download our app which can receive a message explaining the alers or displays the location.

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