New intern at Foston: Eva!

Since last Thursday a new intern has made her arrival at Foston Europe , Eva Andres will be joining the team for the next 3 months. Eva is a student who lives in France near the border of Switzerland and she is studying in her first year of the study international Trade Technical Degree.

She chose to perform her internship in Spain to discover a new culture and to find another way to apply her skills by adapting to the specificities of Spanish working.


Eva will be doing research about the French market in the sector where Foston Europe is active and she will be searching for potential distributors in France.


Eva says “ I hope that I can improve my English with the use of my internship and show Foston Europe the best of me.”

She thinks that there is not a better way to learn a business then learning about the business abroad. “it pushes you to your own limits and the way we see things is definitely going to change.”

We wish Eva good luck with her internship at Foston Europe, and also a very warm welcome!

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