New at FOSTON EUROPE: Dutch and Spanish Interns!

Since last Monday 2 new interns have started at Foston Europe. Sanne Drost and Laura Jover will be helping and strengthen the team for the upcoming 5 months.

Sanne is a Dutch student that lives near Zwolle, and is studying International Business and Languages. She is currently in her third year. She has chosen to do her internship in Spain because she wants to improve her Spanish, but also because she wants to learn what it’s like to work with people from another culture.

Laura is a Spanish student living in Valencia, and is studying her final year of the double degree in Management and Law.  She chose Foston Europe because she wants to know the world of business and also improve her skills in this area.



Most of the time Sanne will be working on our Social Media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook. She also will be doing an expanding market research for the Dutch/Belgian market.

Laura will be doing research about the Portugese market in the area of health care and make a project about it.




Sanne says: “I think that I can improve my professional skills at Foston Europe, but also learn how it is like to work in a team with another culture then myself. Besides that I hope that I can improve my Spanish.”

Laura says: “I am very happy to do my internships in this company because I think I can learn a lot about the business world and help them with their work.”


For both of them it is their first internship and therefore a big challenge for them, but they are excited to do their work at Foston and improve their skills for the future.


Welcome Sanne and Laura, good luck at Foston Europe!








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