Top 5 elderly ailments and how to improve them!

Everyone gets older. We  know that with aging there will be numbers of ailments as well. Examples are weaker muscles, forgetfulness and poor vision. In this article we discuss the t most common old age ailments. We also provide you with solutions to help reducing the risk of getting these ailments of prevent them from getting bigger.

#1 Weaker muscles

From the moment you are born up to the age of 30, your muscles grow. After this, somewhere between 30 and 40 years old this changes.. From that moment they will no longer grow, but they start losing their mass. This is also called age-related Sarcopenia. People who are not very active can lose 3 to 5% of their muscle mass every 10 years. Even when you are active, you lose muscle mass. This is a natural phenomenon. A good tip to slow down muscle loss as much as possible is to eat enough protein. These are the building blocks of the muscles. For the elderly, it is important to eat approximately 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight in one day. We understand that the appetite is also reduced, therefore a good solution can be the use of liquid proteins. In addition to eating enough protein, it is also important to keep stimulating the muscles. You can train your muscles through cycling, dancing or walking the dog. In addition, it is important to do strength training, even though this is often seen as a sport for young people. Many gyms can give advice on this and help you perform the various exercises.

#2 Hear problems

Presbycusis, also known as age-related hearing loss, is also common in the elderly generation.  Often sounds with a high tone are difficult to hear at first. However, this happens so slowly that we do not realize this in the beginning. The reason for the hearing loss is the loss of small hair cells in the ear.A few tips that we can give you to check your hearing and keep it good for as long as possible are the following. First of all it is important to have a check done to see how you are doing. When you go to an environment with a lot of noise, make sure you bring earplugs. This protects your hearing. Nutrition also affects your hearing. A healthy diet ensures that your hearing will be good for a  longer time.

#3 Problems with vision

Many elderly people suffer from vision loss. From the age of forty, your vision will deteriorate. Many eye diseases are also linked to the aging process. An important tip that we can give you to protect your eyes against some diseases is to use sunglasses! Some diseases are associated with UV radiation, which you can stop by putting on sunglasses. Also, again, eating good food is important. Many vegetables and fruits ensure that your eyes also have some kind of sunglasses on the inside.

#4 Weaker bones

For most people, the bones are at their strongest around the age of thirty. After that the strength and firmness of the bones will deteriorate. An illness that occurs in the elderly is Osteoporosis, which causes the bones to become weak and fragile. In an advanced stage, even coughing can cause a fracture. Most fractures are in the hips, wrists and back. White and Asian women are most at risk of getting this disease. Also with this disease, tips are mainly in the diet. Eat enough calcium, for example in the form of milk. Also make sure that you get enough vitamin D. Movement is also very important here.



#5 Overweight and metabolism syndrome

About 75% of elderly people from 60 years old are overweight. This is because your metabolism goes down and therefore consume fewer calories. Often in combination with less exercise the overweight gets worse. Another ailment is metabolism syndrome, you have this when you have a combination of risk factors.




These are 5 of the common ailments among the elderly, but unfortunately many more are lurking. The risk of cancer in men and women increases when you get older. In addition, the risk of cardiovascular disease also increases. As mentioned in the beginning, dementia is also a common ailment among the elderly. Fortunately for many things you can preventively change things in your daily life. Healthy eating and exercise are our most important tips that we can give you. In many cases it appears: Live healthy, stay healthy.


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