More balance in your work in the care sector? 10 tips!

The pressure on workers in the healthcare sector is getting bigger and bigger. Nurses are choosing for a career as self-employed, more and more people are in need of care and the budget for care isn’t being used properly, which makes low earnings in the healthcare sector. A lot of money is lost on things that are not very important. Many healthcare professionals also put a lot of pressure on themselves trying to offer a high quality service and accomplishing time schedules imposed. This puts even more pressure on them.

In this article we discuss the pitfall that structure entails, but also why a healthcare professional still needs an amount of structure in their work. To help them, we provide healthcare professionals with 10 tips to create more balance in their work.

Especially in the healthcare sector structure is impossible. At the end of your work day you often do not seem to have done everything that you had planned yourself. That one colleague unexpectedly needs your help, the family of that one client would like a conversation with you about how things are going. Your planning is therefore constantly broken. High level of structure is impossible in the care sector in particular. This entails frustration and fatigue. .

Too little structure is not good either. Certainly not in health care, where you must be flexible and keep an overview at all time.  However, these people run continuously from one to the other and have absolutely no overview of the tasks that still need to be done. When they are called away from a client, they then forget to help this client afterwards. This leads to a lot of annoyance for the client, but also for the colleague of the next shift, who ends up in a working environment in which a lot of things still have to be done.

The better your planning skills, the more you can handle. But also: the more tasks you can still do besides your actual planning. You must also keep in mind that you cannot do everything you want to do. It is also important that you can let go of things. You only get balance in your time when you realize you have to skip certain tasks. Of course you have a schedule and certain tasks that need to be done, but you can also set priorities. The best thing is together with your entire team. This makes it clear to everyone what has priority and what is less important on the particular day.

The tips that can help you get more order in your day and become better at planning and letting go are the following 10.

  1. Limit your time system! The more schedules, task lists, agendas, notes and suchlike things you have, the less overview you have for yourself.
  2. Try to keep track of your tasks in a way: either digitally or on paper.
  3. Clean up your list and schedule when you have done certain tasks.
  4. Mark the most important tasks. In this way you ensure that you are sure you will have time for those tasks.
  5. Never plan your entire day. There will always be unexpected tasks, give them some space.
  6. Know which tasks you can skip or transfer for another moment.
  7. Take time for unexpected tasks, and take the time for the important things. Rushing often ensures in task that are not being carried out properly.
  8. Discuss priorities and choices with your colleagues. As a result, everyone knows the state of affairs and difficult choices can be made together instead of alone.
  9. Follow up on your goals. So look back at what you did. You learn from this.10.  Accept that you can never do everything that you actually want. Appreciate what really matters.

Of course there will always be moments where you cannot follow these tips. For example, in most people there is a sense of performance pressure. We want to be good at what we do and do not want to disappoint ourselves and others. However, also realize that everyone is a human being and that everyone sometimes has to take a step back in order not to work overtime. You cannot do more than your best.

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