Make lonely elderly, feel a little less lonely this Christmas

A lot of elderly are feeling lonely and often even depressed. Some of them still live at home and others in nursing homes, often far away or without family and friends. Sadly, it gets even harder during the holiday season. Want to make a difference this year? Here are some things you can do to make lonely elderly feel a little less lonely this Christmas!

Bake and share

It may sound silly to just visit someone without an invitation, so it might be a good idea to go over with a ‘good reason’. That reason could be your need to share your home baked cupcakes with your neighbours. You could also bring a dish to elderly in nursing homes. If someone opens the door and you notice them being alone, you could ask them questions about their life. Even the smallest conversations can often make someone feel a little bit better.


Since most of us buy too much food for the holidays anyway, why not invite another person to your family dinner? You might know an older person that doesn’t have much family or friends and although it feels like violating someone’s privacy, you could ask this person what their plans are for Christmas. If they don’t have any plans, just dare and ask them to come over. Their answer might surprise you!


Volunteering is always a good idea, especially during the holiday season, when extra help is more than welcome. Ask around in your neighbourhood or look online to see if there are any volunteers needed in your area. And although it might sound scary, you could also just walk into a nursing home and ask to see if they need any help with anything.

Take a walk

A lot of elderly are still able to take walks, but don’t do it, because they don’t see a reason to go outside of their house. And since no one wants to sit alone in their house all day, especially not during Christmas, asking someone for a walk, could be of great help and a good way of making conversation.

Send out cards

Although sending out a card doesn’t sound major, this small gesture could have a big effect on someone. Sending out a Christmas card is a way of showing someone you are thinking of them and letting them know, they are not alone.




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