Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Foston Europe is aware of Corporate Social Responsibility.  The company values aspects, like economic, ecologic, and social, which are discussed underneath.

Welfare of the coworkers

The welfare of the team is very important to Foston Europe. It is promoted by the provision of a healthy, safe, and a good working environment. At this company we respect and help each other. Additionally, open communication is stimulated which results in a relaxed and positive atmosphere. The satisfaction of the team has a positive influence on the workflow.

Furthermore, Foston Europe provides training within the company which contributes to the individual development of our employees. Contribution to the development of students is also offered through the provision of internships.

The support of a charity

Foston annually supports the charity Fundación Novaterra, which works with people who experienced a lot of setbacks in life, like the risk of exclusion from society.


Foston Europe has the ambition to be as much as sustainable as they can and strives, among other things, for a ‘paperless office’, which means that the usage of paper will be reduced. The documents are mostly send digitally, unless there is a specific desire to obtain it on paper. For what the company does print,  duplexing is used and color printing is avoided.

Moreover, Foston Europe has just started with the purchase of new and efficient company cars. The efficient way of working also allows the prevention of unnecessary kilometers.