Las Fallas, a celebration of the beginning of a new period

Valencia, March 1st, the day in which the biggest event of the city begins, Las Fallas. For nineteen days, the citizens of Valencia celebrate.

Every day during Las Fallas, around 2 p.m. a huge mascletà is held in Plaza del Ayuntamento.  On March 19th, in honour of St. Joseph’s Day, the celebrations end with La Cremà ceremony. This is the event where all the Fallas are put on fire. Fallas is not only the name of the event but also represents the ‘dolls’ which are made by different neighborhood associations.

Las Fallas is a very special occasion for the residents of Valencia and they look forward to it all year round.  For many, Las Fallas is not only about the huge mascletàs and the parties. Fallas has many different important meanings for every Valencian.

Every year during this traditional Valencian festivity, they celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring. This represents the beginning of a new period in which many new opportunities come to light. It is a festival that celebrates a new start and new beginnings with  lots of energy and happiness.

The core values of  las Fallas are also very important for Foston’s employees. Not only during Fallas, but also in the rest of the year. We incorporate these values in our daily lives.

We try to improve the  lives of others by means of technology. We look forward to new projects because in our eyes it means we can contribute to the happiness and wellbeing of elderly people. With the use of technology, we can improve the lives of residents and also help them live independently for longer.

Source: Instagram – Junta Central Fallera

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