Las Fallas in Valencia

The annual Las Fallas festival has begun!

Every year, the city of Valencia turns into a big festival consisting of fireworks, parties, parades and most important: Las Fallas! The official start of las Fallas is March 15th, but the whole month of March and even before, the Valencian community is already celebrating the festivity. This year, as well as previous years, over one million tourists are going to visit Valencia to celebrate Las Fallas.

Las Fallas

There are 2 main activities during Las Fallas:

  • As from the 1st of March until the 18th, at 14.00 hours there is a big ” Mascleta” on the main square, Plaza Ayuntamiento This is like a huge firecracker that makes a great noise and if you are close enough you might just feel it through your body.
  • In the evening of March 19th the Fallas, which are the typical sculptures, that are placed throughout the city by communities, are lid on fire. This represents the abandoning of all the bad from the past year and a new start for the spring. These Fallas are already placed throughout the city during the days before and they are judged by a jury to choose a winner. A Falla is normally financed and organized by a small community. Some communities put all their time and effort into creating this Falla, to have the most spectacular one of the year.

Las Fallas

On the nights of 15 to 19 March, there is a big firework show every evening

Las Fallas

In case you are visiting Valencia during this time, Foston Europe´s team wishes you a lot of fun and enjoyment during this amazing festivity!

For more elaborate information and the complete overview of activities click here

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