Iseco as a sponsor and participant of VLCsofting 2016

In addition to the development of the foreign markets of Iseco Sistemas, the development of Iseco in Spain is also still going. By participating in many events, Iseco is very active with activities related to innovation. One of the events that Iseco Sistemas participates in and sponsors is VLCSofting.

The first edition of VLCSofting took place on Thursday, June 18th 2015, at the “la Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación” in Valencia. The event was organized by “Instituto Tecnológico de Innovación”, which is a research foundation in Valencia. VLCSofting aims to create a forum and a reference point for all stakeholders in the software world. Iseco participated in this event as a sponsor, together with other international companies such as Microsoft, Oracle and Kumori.

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The technical seminars were held in the afternoon. Professionals got into the knowledge that is directly applicable in the everyday work. Jorge Pitarch of Iseco explained the functionality of the application “Qlik”, which complies with the need for the users to get quickly and flexible access to relevant information. The seminar was presented by Rafael Villegas, commercial director of Iseco.

Foston - VLCSofting Iseco Software 3Foston - VLCSofting Iseco Software

The first edition was focused on three areas: Online environment, Mobility and Business Intelligence (BI) – Big Data. Together with renowned professionals and based on real experiences, participants were able to get closer to the new application development in the above three areas.

VLCSofting was attended by over 250 professionals and companies that could contribute to the latest technologies and methods in the development of the software.

The second edition of this event will take place in the same place as the previous year, namely: “la Ciudad Politécnica de la Innovación” in Valencia, on Thursday, June 16th 2016. The purpose of this second edition is to recruit more participants than last year, but maintaining the quality offer and level of the lectures and seminars of last year. During the day, the companies unveiled the latest developments in the Cloud, Mobility, Big Data and Business Intelligence.

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Iseco is a company which is willing to take great challenges which are caused by technological change. Additionally, Iseco has a multidisciplinary team of experts in various areas of technology, such as: communications, computers and electronics. The company is characterized by high quality services and providing technology-based solutions and innovative ideas. The total capacity of Iseco ensures that all types of project within the area of information and communication technology can be performed.

Iseco Sistemas is specialized in the implementation and management of systems and data analyses, supported by the leading manufacturers in each area:

  • ControlCenter10:                          Systems integration platform specialised for the long-term care
  • Sage Murano:                                  ERP-solutions
  • Qlik View/Sense:                          Analysis solution compatible with any ERP system

The purpose of this event to Iseco is to help companies to meet their needs within a minimum range of time and at the lowest possible cost.

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