ISECO Day 2017!


ISECO Day is one day per year where all the employees of Iseco and Foston Europe come together and do some kind of activity. The first ISECO Day was 15 years ago. We had to say goodbye to one of our first employee. It was decided to do something different than just a lunch or something like that. Since 2002 we did many different activities like karts, WII contests, outdoor activities, paintball, and more. It is getting harder and harder each year to do different activities, because we are now a big family and we have already done so many activities!

What did Iseco do this year?

First we got an introduction of a mental and psychological coach. He asked us questions like what we expected to learn from this day. Another question was to write down our good and bad qualities. He collected the papers and gave each employee a paper in which they have to give tips to improve the less good qualities. Furthermore, he asked us what we learned from working in a team. After the introduction we had a nice coffee break!


When the coffee break was finished, we had to make teams. There were a lot of games that the team had to play. The teams had to make a logo and a short chorography before the games started. All these games consisted of elements in which communication was really important, especially when there was a limited amount of time.


Last but not least!

After all the games, it was lunch time! The whole afternoon we had lunch  together and we had a lot of fun. This day was to know each other outside the office, to do new things together. This made the bond between the employees stronger. Everyone thinks that this day was definitely a success!


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