Iseco and Foston have renewed their office space!

Remodelling of the office space of Iseco and Foston

Iseco has been situated in Valencia since 1998 and at its current location since 2004. After all these years, the office space was ready for an upgrade and therefore we have done some remodelling of the office space over the past couple of months. As from this week, our employees are at their new desks with all the needed facilities.

Foston headquarters are spread over two floors, and during the remodelling, it has been a little hassle since all employees had moved to the second floor. We also provided the possibility for employees to work from home, which made the transition much easier. Even though office space was a bit smaller, colleagues were able to easily interact with each other and it has been a nice time. Now that the remodelling is done, everyone has their full space and is back to business.

The new office space is equipped with all needed facilities. With an open office space, we want to enhance communication and create comfort for our employees. We are looking forward to see how this new office space is going to optimize our work.

What do our employees think?




Iseco and Foston are willing to receive all our clients and partners at our new facilities!






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