Introduction of the new International Manager: Enrique Vila

Enrique vila iseco sistemas international managerWith pleasure we want to introduce you to our new International Manager Enrique Vila. To get to know Enrique a little bit better, we conducted a short interview.

Enrique, where do you come from?
“I am from Spain!”

What about your work experiences?
“I worked in many companies, but a few years ago I started to specialize in the health sector. Among other projects I was involved for the Business Development, since it was a scratch idea, of a mobile Telecare system with GPS. At this moment it is named to be the leading device for the Spanish market in mobile telecare services for elderly people. That project took me to the leading company in the market of telecare services in Europe. I had to create a new team to commercialize all their services in the Private sector, where the company didn´t have presence. Working in the elderly sector has become part of my daily life.”

“And when you find a company like Foston where the first thing you know about them is that “they believe in technology that improves people’s life” you know you are in the right company”


 What is your goal for this company?
“Foston has taken the first steps in the internationalization of their services. To start a new project is always hard, and if we talk about internationalization is not a simple thing. The first steps are already taken, and now it´s time to obtain the results, and create a strong structure that will be able to carry out any project abroad.”

You have a lot of responsibilities being the International Manager, tell something about that.
“As International Manager, I will be in charge of analyzing interesting markets that fit in our goals. I have to find distribution channels and give support to our distributors. Moreover, I have to take the advantage of being in other countries to analyze possible products that could fit in our national department. Lastly, I have to complete our portfolio and getting differentiated from our competence.”

When will you start working at your new position?
“Officially on 26th of October, but I´ve already been working for some time with Wilmer and the people from the department. Therefore, the transition will be more natural without strong changes.”

If you have any questions for Enrique, please do not hesitate to contact him:

phone number: 600 305 985
LinkedIn:           Linkedin logo

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