Introducing our new integration platform

The new and improved solution of Foston Europe: Calas

For home care and care institutions

What is it

Today, we are introducing our new integration platform named calas. The new software platform is specialized, not only in care institutions but also in home care. Through the telecare module, incoming calls from different locations can be answered. For the incoming calls, like nurse call system, wandering system or home care devices, the operator has the choice to answer it or to forward it to another operator or caregiver, or configure the system to do it automatically. No more alerts are lost. When the alert does not come from a care institution, but from a home, only relevant information and the location of the user will be displayed. Moreover, Foston Europe has an Android Mobile CareApp completing the solution for the reception of alarms on the move.  On this app, the caregiver can receive calls and alerts but can also answer them.

Possibilities for Home Care

The new operator interface is the interface for managing calls coming from detached locations. When a call comes in, the relevant information concerning agreements will be displayed. According to your wishes, contact information for friends and family can be provided. Another feature is that the call information can be forwarded, and the exact location can be displayed. When there are more operators, the integration platform supervisor can be used for dividing the incoming calls across multiple operators to efficiently limit incoming calls and waiting times.

  • Different home care phones brands
  • Different GPS tracking brands
  • No calls lost
  • Lifestyle monitoring
  • Call forwarding options
  • Display of protocols, relevant user information, and map view
  • Sharing possibilities with contacts
  • Android App for professionals, friends, and family (care on the move)

Possibilities for Care Institutions

Foston Europe gives you the possibility, for example, of choosing the Nurse Call System, regardless of the brand or manufacturer. With our integration platform, this new system can be installed in the rooms needed. It then brings together the old system with the new one for the efficiency of your organization, since both systems will work in the same way. This platform is specialized in healthcare and therefore adjusted to unique healthcare needs. There are different modules available and you have the option to choose which module is most relevant to you. By integrating various systems, such as: nurse call, wandering control, access control, PBX and other care systems, there is no need to switch between different platforms and interfaces anymore. This will result in more efficient care and a significant reduction in costs in your organization and you will be future proof.

  • All the existing and new systems, independent of the brand, integrated within one platform
  • Safety, privacy, and autonomy of the residents in healthcare institutions
  • More efficient care
  • Significant reduction in costs in systems
  • A composition of modules is based on what is really needed
  • No lost calls
  • Complete control over communication
  • Adapts to your way of working


introducing new integration platform

Android Mobile CareApp

The Android Mobile CareApp is for professionals in order to control the alerts on the move. Not only the caregivers can receive alerts but can also answer them. Furthermore, it is possible to talk to the user through the app. When a call is received, all relevant information about the user is shown. Which can help the caregiver by knowing what to do or how to handle the situation.


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