How to prevent underdeveloped knowledge in the health care industry?

As the health care industry continues to grow, the need for a professional health care management system is growing too. There have been changes within determining new ways of managing the staff and communicating with patients. And with these changes many of the healthcare organisations these days are showing symptoms of underdeveloped knowledge of their management process.

Qlik Sense has been created to make sure the health care industry won’t stay underdeveloped. The system is created to bring value to anyone, in any organization. In case they work individually, in teams, or in offices around the world. With Qlik Sense, users of all types and skill levels get the most modern and flexible solution on the market for self-service data visualization and exploration. Thereby technology departments no longer have to worry about data control and governance or the performance. Whether organisations are just consuming it, exploring or analysing data, creating visualizations or collaborating, Qlik Sense offers advanced capabilities that attract and empower anyone.

The application includes Business Intelligence for healthcare and makes it possible for everyone to easily and quickly analyse systems and make reports to gain meaningful insights into large amounts of data. By means of a dynamic dashboard, users are capable of quickly visualising data of the nurse call systems and analysing it to the greatest detail. In this way, they can apply the detailed data for the effectiveness of the care organisation.

BI for healthcare

BI for healthcare

Your benefits

* Reduction of waiting time for residents

* More efficient staffing

* Reduction of false alarms

* Enhanced quality and satisfaction

* Reduced operating pressure of staff

* Improved business management

* Getting useful new insights

* Recognise peculiarities

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