Holiday for seniors!

Since summer has arrived, and most of us are thinking about holidays, this article will talk about the most suitable holiday for seniors; some popular holiday destinations for seniors and some practical tips for travelling seniors. Retirees have the advantage that they can travel whenever they want and often travel outside the holiday season to avoid big crowds and high prices. Especially during colder times; they seek a warm and sunny holiday destination.

Travelling is becoming more and more in demand amongst seniors, but not all destinations are very suitable for seniors. These are!

Some might choose to stay in Europe, not too far from home, these destinations are most suitable:

London is an exciting city with a lot to offer. London is home to many museums and historical buildings. There are many transport options so there is no need to walk a lot.  London has something to offer for everyone: art lovers, people who are interested in gastronomy, history or architecture, wanting to explore walking or enjoy the comfort of a hop-on hop-of bus, by themselves or with a guide; it is all possible. Also the rest of Great Britain has a lot of holiday possibilities. Old cities fascinate seniors that visit. A lot of cathedrals and royal palaces are found here. Furthermore Scotland is the go to place for stunning nature.

France is the perfect get-a-way for senior couples who want to have a romantic holiday. Especially food and wine lovers are big fans of France. France also has a lot of ancient architecture to enjoy. Visiting vineyards and little cheese shops and enjoying a typical French breakfast are all part of the relaxed French lifestyle.

Looking for a cultural holiday, Italy is a great choice. Italy has a lot of ancient cities where a lot of architecture and art can be enjoyed. Furthermore in Italy you will find beautiful nature and especially beaches to relax. When planning a trip to Italy, consider the heat; Italy can be very hot and it should be well considered when to travel.

Portugal has a very pleasant climate for seniors and a relaxed culture, the slow pace of life is what appeals to many seniors. Portugal is home to many beautiful golf courses, which a lot of seniors enjoy and beaches in Portugal are relatively un-crowded and prices are low in Portugal.

For the real adventurous senior, there are stunning places to see around the world, a bit farther from home, but maybe also a bit more impressive are the following destinations:

When looking for stunning nature, Alaska is a must see. Alaska is a land of rugged mountains, shimmering glaciers and pristine wilderness. Probably the best way to see most of this impressive nature and it´s wild animals is by a cruise, which enables you to see the most of the country in a relaxed way, perfect for seniors.

Do you want to lay back and relax? Go to Hawaii! It has great golf courses and amazing beaches. If you do want to make a trip, there is also a lot to explore on these tropical islands.

For a more active holiday, Australia is an interesting destination, especially the Great Barrier Reef. You can reach it by making a cruise and then scuba diving or snorkelling to see the most of it. When doing this you can also visit the islands and rainforest. But fear not, also a more relaxed holiday is great here, at one of the beaches of a resort for example.

A very popular destination for seniors is Branson, Missouri. Here you will find many golf courses as well as theatres featuring live shows, starring big names in the entertainment industry.

New Zealand has something to offer for everyone. Locals are very welcoming and kind to travellers of age. New Zealand is a country for the adventurous senior, the wine lover, the shop fanatic as well as the one interested in culture.

Miami Beach, Florida; Miami Beach has a lot to offer for seniors. Here you will find impressive beaches to relax at, interesting culture and museums as well as impressive nature.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. This city has a historic central square that is surrounded by museums and galleries. There is a very relaxed and calm atmosphere in the city as well as great food and a very pleasant climate. The surrounding offers multiple walking trails to explore some of the nature.

Where ever you decide to travel, for seniors these tips might come in handy to make sure you are travelling safely and get the most out of your trip:

  • Get insurance: Travel insurance is important at any age but for seniors it might be even more important because of the bigger chance they have to need extra care. You might fall or maybe even, due to a delay which is not caused by you, need extra medication on a short time frame. Proper insurance covers these unforeseen circumstances
  • Travelling seniors often become the victim of burglars, This can be prevented by not showing you are out of your hotel room for example by not putting up the sign that says it is okay to clean your room when you will be gone for the whole day. Also on the street, seniors are an easy target. Therefore it is recommended to not wear too much jewellery or carry too much cash; Also a camera or smartphone should be well stored.
  • Be careful with what you eat. Seniors have an increased chance for fuzzy stomachs. In some countries the food contains a lot of fat or is very spicy, be careful with that when it is normally not part of your diet. It would be a shame to spend your holiday inside of your hotel room.
  • Watch after your medication. Seniors tend to need some medications. Therefore it is important to always make sure you have your medicine close, do not put it in checked in luggage, do not leave it lying around in you hotel room and make sure you have some safety medication for 1 or 2 extra days.
  • Inform others of what you are doing. This especially accounts for seniors who travel alone. For example you can tell the concierge where you are going and when you expect to come back. They will keep an eye on you. Also make sure to carry a cell phone.
  • Stay on your feet. Making sure you have proper shoes to walk on is very important for your balance. Since seniors are often already struggling with that, their shoes should not bother them even more.

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