good bye Carlijn

Good bye Carlijn!

We are saying goodbye to our Dutch intern Carlijn van Dijk. Carlijn has worked at Foston for almost 5 months. Currently, she successfully finished her internship period, and developed practical skills which she can use for her future.

Carlijn has worked for the international marketing department of Foston and could use here her theoretical knowledge. She has been in charge of our social media accounts and articles for the past few months and has supported us in research in the German market. We want to thank Carlijn for her creativity and her spontaneous attitude against colleagues and customers. She is a student that was able to work independently, and not scared to ask whether it was possible to change ideas.

We want to thank Carlijn and wish her all the best with her study and future career!

Carlijn: “I look back with a great pleasure. Foston gave me the opportunity to widen my skills, to use my theoretical knowledge and to learn Spanish. It has been amazing to work in another country and learn another culture. I would like to thank the complete team of Foston and Iseco for the support and the opportunity!”


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