Foston Europe welcomes Dutch international marketing intern

It is time for a breath of fresh air that will be present for the upcoming 5 months and who is going to reinforce the international marketing department. The Dutch intern will be doing her internship with us at the headquarters of Iseco Sistemas with help from “Stage in Spanje“.

Danielle Tinkhof is a Dutch student of Hogeschool Rotterdam and is doing International Business and Mangement (IBMS). She is currently in her third year and she wanted to do her internship at Foston Europe. This is the international brand of Iseco Sistemas. The most important task for her is to study, design, and implement the (online) marketing activities in the ICT of the care sector. Since Danielle is doing her study in English, she is happy to do the content in Dutch and in English.

Danielle is looking forward for the upcoming 5 months: “I am so excited for the next 5 months. Not only with doing my internship in Valencia, but also exploring Valencia. I love travelling and I am planning to do a lot of it during my weekends. Another thing that I am looking forward to is to learn a new language. I think the best way to learn a foreign language is to be in the country itself. When I return to the Netherlands, I want to know not only a lot about my internship but also about the country Spain and the culture!

If you have any questions, you can always contact our new colleague:

Name:         Danielle Tinkhof

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