Foston Europe in Spanish, Dutch and English

In order to improve our international reach and accessibility and to inform you about the world of systems integration for the long-term care, Foston Europe can be reached in the three languages Spanish, English and Dutch. Foston’s idea is to have extra channels where our stakeholders are able to share their thoughts in the language they prefer in order to lower the threshold of contracting Foston.


With Foston as the international image of Iseco Sistemas, the website of Foston is available in both Dutch and English. As Foston being the international brand of the Spanish company Iseco Sistemas, you can also follow the international development of Foston in Spanish.

Social media channels:

Foston’s social media presence has the goal of sharing our news about our organization and technology, inform you about the world of systems integration for the long-term care and news about the newest trends in nurse call systems and other technologies. Therefore you can find Foston on Twitter in both Dutch and English, @FostonNL and @FostonEU. Iseco Sistemas, which is the original Spanish social media channel, can be reached on Twitter through @isecosistema.

The LinkedIn page of Foston contains information, news and is an extra channel to contact Foston in the professional environment of LinkedIn. Check out our English international company page of Foston on LinkedIn here.

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