Experience story Foston: “I feel way more safe now.”

Foston is a Spanish company that was originally founded in 1998. Since the founding, the company has been specialized in offering technology services with great added value to its clients and users in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market. Foston strives to improve the healthcare environment for residents, caregivers, and management by providing technological solutions which are specially adjusted to respond and meet unique healthcare needs. Everyone has the right to live and work in a safe environment with autonomy, privacy, and dignity. Therefore, this company believes that its technology will improve people´s life. This week’s article is about one of the many experiences we’ve had so far. It tells about the implementations done in a Spanish nursing home and the experiences of clients, staff, and relatives.

One of our clients in Spain is Los Alamos de Santa Gemma in Albacete. It is a residence with almost 300 users. They had an old nursecall system in their residence. The wiring was very old and showed some defects and the substitution of material was not possible since they were outdated.

The nursecall system installed was a regular one, BUS cabling, room terminal, pear push on the beds and pull cords on the toilets. Assuming that the system of a room works, it was able to send the alarms without problems, but when a client was not in their room or in an area with such a system, the clients were not able to call for help. After multiple meetings with the owner of the residence, Foston decided to introduce a bracelet system in the residence. In this way, the clients would be able to call for help at any time, and located thanks to the beacons installed around the residence. The clients would literally be wearing the device to call for help and would be attended immediately wherever they are. The residence decided to accept this offer and the installation began.

The first thing that Foston needed to do was installing the beacon antennas so that the nurses would be able to know where the client is located. Each antenna would be able to define an area. All the residence and surroundings where covered. If a client asked for help, the nurse now knows where to go to, even if they are outside.

Another thing that is now possible, is to find a client, even when they are not pushing the button for help. For example, if a medical examination is needed, it is no longer necessary to call this client through the speakers of the building, but with the use of the location antennas, the nurses are able to just see where the client is in the building, and someone can just go to pick this person up. In this way, the residence has become a more silent place and attention can be given more directly to one patient.

Foston could also integrate the old Nursecall system, so users in the nursing home could also use old pear push buttons or pull cords to ask for help. The difference is that with the integration, now the Nursing Home can update these materials for new ones as they brake, and they don´t need to be from the same brand. The residence is being updated as needed or as the economy lets them.

Another integration done in the residence, are cameras. In case of emergency, for example, when one of the clients is calling for help through the bracelet, the nurse can detect where the alarm is situated and can easily turn on one of the camera’s in that public area (living room, corridor…) to check what is going on. In this way, the nurses are even more able to give the care the client needs.

After asking some clients in the residence about their experience with the bracelets they said that they were feeling a lot safer in the residence nowadays. “We are able to call for help at any given time, which gives us the feeling that we are protected, no matter what happens.”

The family members of the clients in the residence also said that they are very thankful for the system that is created in the residence now. “We can leave our loved ones better now than we did before. It is way more relaxing now.”

We are very thankful that we had the ability to make the life of the clients in the residence, the caregivers in the residence, but also the family members and other closed ones of the clients better with the system we’ve installed. This is what makes us more willing to improve ourselves for the future.



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