Do you think of the elderly this time of the year?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Everybody is putting up the Christmas tree, everywhere little lights shine, Christmas stories are told at school and at the flower shops the Christmas stars are outside again. Everyone is looking forward, to a merry Christmas.

Today is the 12th of December, the day of the Christmas star. This day is meant to give other people a Christmas star as a gift. Out of appreciation, and with the wishes for a merry Christmas, all employees at Iseco received a Christmas star today.

The Christmas star has a story, many people may not know, that during the year, the flower is green and when it gets colder the star gets a red “jacket” on. From then on, the flower can survive the whole winter as an indoor plant.

The flower can, therefore, be compared to people. During the summer, and therefore the warmer weather, we wear different clothing than when temperatures drop, and it gets colder. In winter we do fewer outdoor activities and prefer to sit comfortably at home by the fireplace, so we can be described as “houseplants”.

Although daily life for young people and adults doesn’t change much during the winter, it does for the elderly. It is less attractive for the elderly to go out, some are even afraid that they get sick because of the cold, or that they will fall because of slipperiness. These people deserve to be pampered. Are you going to visit an elderly person today and bring a beautiful Christmas star? You will be appreciated, and these people will give you love and rest, think of the elderly, even though you are busy!

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