New international implementation of ControlCenter10: the Private Hospital of Rosario, Argentina

Iseco Sistemas, the Spanish division of Foston Europe and responsible for all the Spanish speaking countries, participated in an ambitious project of NODO, the Argentian ditributor of NEAT Group. The project is commissioned by the leading organization in health environment in Argentina, “Grupo Gamma”. This project is the new Private Hospital of Rosario in Argentina. Over 300 professionals in medical services combine their specialization and qualities within the organization Grupo Gamma.

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Foston’s ControlCenter10

The participation of Iseco in this project consists of the implementation of the vendor-neutral healthcare communication platform, ContolCenter10. ControlCenter10 will be implemented, in combination with the latest technology of Neat Group, as a multifunctional interface to manage and route the communication. Connecting different systems with a vendor-neutral platform, results in an interoperating network which contributes to work efficiency and care quality.

The construction of this new hospital began in February 2013 and is currently for 80% completed.

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Structure and Design

The hospital consists of:

  • 11 floors
  • 110 beds per floor
  • 20 beds in the intensive care area
  • operating rooms
  • 24 clinics
  • 400 new employees

The structure and design of the Private Hospital of Rosario has been developed according national and international standards. They also made use of natural resources to complement the current needs for caring about the environment.
The concept of the Private Hospital combines the best of two worlds: the infrastructure and technology of own private operations and teamwork in medical services.

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Collaboration Iseco and Neat Group

Iseco  will participate in this project in collaboration with one of the biggest producers of telecare systems in Europe and Latin America, Neat Group. Neat offers a broad range of products for environments where the message is critical. The hospital will be equipped with the latest care communication products of Neat group, including their newest room element,  the ‘Novo’.

Have a look at what the Private Hospital of Rosario will look like, click here to see a video of the hospital (Video only available in Spanish).

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