Care institutions


Vendor-independent systems integration platform

Calas is the communication platform of Foston Europe for the healthcare. It is an open integration platform which makes collaboration of every type of system possible.  The platform consists of different modules which makes it possible for the healthcare institution to only choose the relevant modules for that specific type of healthcare. With ControlCenter10 you are no longer dependent on a brand or supplier. You can apply healthcare technology based on what you really need.

Calas is a proven and solid solution for every situation in the long-term care sector. With a renowned track record and references among influential care groups, Foston’s Calas possesses the bases that makes Foston Europe a trustworthy partner in situations where communication is of paramount importance.

Foston’s Calas is capable of managing services and systems, varying in nature, as one aligned building automation network. By this manner, systems such as; nurse call systems, wandering control, communication, access control and climate control are all manageable and controllable in one single software interface, regardless the brand.

Check Foston Europe’s success cases in Spain.

Facts and Figures

  • +300 integrations and implementations in the Spanish long-term care environment
  • 3 implementations in the ‘cure’ environment (hospitals), where the message is vital
  • Proven in cure, residential care, assisted living and home care
  • 65 of the 100 largest care groups of Spain as satisfied clients
  • +90 pending and upcoming implementations and projects
  • Integrates national and international brands
  • Applicable to small and large organizations

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