Business Intelligence in Healthcare

Business Intelligence (BI) ensures that the right information at the right time reaches the right people. How does this work for the healthcare environment?

Business Intelligence Definition

Business Intelligence (BI) is the on-going process which allows organizations to collect and record data in a targeted manner. As a result, organisations can analyse and use this information and knowledge in decision-making to improve organizational performance.


BI is viewed to be a valuable core competence. It has the goal to improve the effectiveness of organisations and the coordination of managers by using a better informational infrastructure. This will enable organisations to improve collaboration in both company and personal targets.

Healthcare challenges

The healthcare environment contains a large amount of data, like financial figures, occupation rates, nurse call systems, staff planning, etc. When a large amount of data is available, it is hard to keep track and useful information often goes unseen. Therefore, it is highly important, especially in this sector,  for the right people to get the right information at the right time.

Foston Europe’s Qlik Sense Healthcare

Qlik Sense is the newest application specialised in visualising Big Data. It is a self-service application for visualising and analysing data to gain meaningful insights into large amounts of data. Foston Europe offers a custom-made Qlik Sense solution, specialised in healthcare, which displays all the relevant information for an effective data analysis. It complies fully with the requirements of the user. Qlik Sense together with Foston´s Healthcare module will lead to improvements in care, reduced costs and delivering higher value to patients. It helps organisations to uncover bottlenecks, improve patient care and improve business management.

For more information about Qlik Sense Healthcare and our services, click here.

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