Let´s make Business Intelligence clear for everyone

Business Intelligence is becoming a necessary technology to almost every industry. There are some sectors like the financial, logistics, and health, in which lots of money can be saved by just giving a good analysis of the data.

How the data is delivered could make the difference in obtaining results for the client. Data coming from many different software systems can be showed automatically. So it is not the software that is the problem. The problem is consultants who should make the data understandable for the users which they aren’t doing right now.

It is easy to use comprehensive tools and give some training to workers on how to transfer data into attractive graphs. However, most companies still require professional help to make sense of the information.

At Foston Europe, we believe that it is necessary to have an expert analyst involved in a project in order to build a nice dashboard. It is needed to build fundamental technologies for big amounts of data in such a way that it is understandable and analysable by the employees or the final users.

We had couple of questions for our CCO Rafa Villegas, about our BI solutions.

What is your roll with business intelligence in this company?
“Mainly sales, but also presales. Moreover, I am responsible for the commercial strategy and making sure that the organisation in the company is going well. All in one.”

Which software concerning BI, are we using at Foston Europe?
“For 15 years, we are Qlik Sense partners. We are one of the first to bet on this technology in Spain.”

What is special about business intelligence playing a part in this company?
“The experience in the implementation of the tool in multiple areas, allows us to address complex projects and offer high valued solutions with great ease of use and low start-up costs.”

We have a lot of experience with BI. Is this the reason why our dashboard is easy to use for everyone?
“Yes. 15 years of experience guarantees and allow us to offer proven solutions. Our experts provide a dashboard which is very easy to use. It includes powerful functionalities for the client.”

How is it made sure that everyone can easily use it?
Qlik Sense has always lead the movement of Data Discovery. It allows the user in a tremendously easy and intuitive way to access and navigate through the information. This software is able to go from the most summarized to the most concrete information with just a single Qlik (Qlik Sense).”

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