Being strong and healthy increases the chance of happier ageing

Today’s article we have a collaboration from Alberto Bosquet, head coach at, he is going to explain to us the fundamental physical basis of every human being, the strength.

Alberto – Head Couch of 

Nursing homes are not full of people for lack of energy, if not for lack of strength because they are not able to take care of themselves and that is something we must eradicate. Modern life and its sedentary character kill us.

Below we Will mention part of an article written by Marcos Vázquez, a world reference in healthy living, read it and appreciate a reality that consumes this planet, especially in the most modern societies.

Strength, as the basis of everything.
I have spoken many times about what it means to be really fit, and about all the dimensions it needs. I have also explained the pyramid of exercises that I propose to develop those dimensions conceptually in a holistic and integrated way.

While all dimensions (strength, resistance, flexibility, …) are important, I recognize that I feel a particular interest for strength, and I will try to explain in this post why I think this is the most important element you need to work on (whether you are a man or a woman).

I’m not talking about big muscles, but about functional muscles that support your structure and enable you to easily develop your daily activities.

As society has ‘evolved’, physical strength has lost its importance for our immediate survival, but that doesn’t make it any less important for determining the quality of our lives and our longevity. Many studies show a clear link between strength and longevity.

The higher the muscle mass, the easier it is to prevent age-related diseases and the greater the ability to enjoy life. Gaining strength develops not only muscles but also strong bones (avoiding diseases such as osteoporosis) and body joints (preventing other injuries).”

We must, therefore, develop our strength to replicate the conditions under which our physiology evolved, and thus ensure that our body and our mind function properly in modern society.

When someone realizes that is not in shape and decides to do something for his health, the most common is to start running and/or go to the gym to work with the typical machine circuits. Even this is a bad way to try to get in shape; Much better than being at home watching TV, no doubt, but it’s still not the right way. Whether you want to lose weight or gain muscle, the key is to train your strength.

When it comes to gaining strength and muscle, the same concept applies; It is not just about exercising but about getting those exercises to release the hormones that control muscle strength and growth.


In order to stimulate your central nervous system (the hypothalamus specifically) we need that our body releases some specific hormones that stimulate the central nervous system, you must give it a good reason. By definition, our body resists change; It is designed to maintain what is called homeostasis, and to break it you must remove the body from its comfort zone.

The neuromuscular system will only react if you perform composed exercises, which involve many muscles, and that simulate natural movements for the body (those that had some utility for our survival for millions of years). This is why it is very difficult to develop muscle and strength working with machines, since they tend to isolate muscles with unnatural movements, with little effect on your central nervous system.


As I said before, most people work only with long aerobic sessions to try to keep fit (running, elliptical …). Not only this type of exercise does not motivate your central nervous system to generate the three anabolic hormones that you need to build strength in your muscles, do this for a long time it will cause your body to release cortisol, the quintessential catabolic hormone. The goal of this hormone (among others) is to increase the level of blood glucose so you have more energy, and one of the ways in which it achieves this is by destroying muscle, which is precisely what we want to avoid!

By means of greater power capacity and improved modern technologies, it is possible to live independently for a longer period of time as an old person. This is often associated with being happier. An old person will always want to remain in a well-known environment, and if there is a need for care, they can receive some help at home but usually, this help cannot be 24h and they finally finish in a care home. It is not that they have some mental problem, it is that they have a strength problem. Fitter older people are able to take care of themselves at a later age, it is possible to reduce the costs being spent on care and they can stay home as it is usually their wish. A fit and healthy older person is therefore important for themselves but also for their environment.

Another day we will talk about nutrition, rest and longevity.

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Elderly person staying fit

Mario – can run marathons but he cannot go up stairs. He is training strength for his independence.



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