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Becoming a distributor for Foston Europe

Foston Europe

Foston develops and implements technological solutions for healthcare organizations. The goal is to improve the healthcare environment for residents, caregivers, and management by safeguarding their security, dignity, and autonomy. Foston Europe is an international enterprise, which expands its market from Spain. You can find Foston Europe in Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and South-America. We would like to expand more and therefore we are now looking for more international companies who are interested in becoming a distributor.

First of all Foston Europe is the developer of the brand-independent system integration platform for healthcare organizations, called Calas. The integrated communication platform that makes the collaboration of every type of system possible in Nursing Homes, Hospitals or Mental Health institutions and provides efficient and integrated solutions. In addition, Foston Europe also offers a Healthcare module for the Qlik Sense application: the Business Intelligence for healthcare. This analytical solution offers the possibility to easily gain meaningful insights into big amounts of valuable data in healthcare.

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What becoming a distributor means

This company is especially looking for technology providers, installers, and technology suppliers for Nursing Homes, Hospitals or Mental Health institutions, that are active in the long-term healthcare environment. Foston Europe hopes that the products can add value to the current product portfolio of these organizations. Moreover, Foston Europe strives to develop solid international partnerships with organizations that share the same passion, which is refining the healthcare communication and thus the healthcare system.

Interested in bundling expertise to provide the market with the newest innovative technologies? Become a distributor!

What is expected from a distributor?

We give you the possibility to enter your market with proven system integration, communication, and data analytical solutions for the expansion of your product portfolio to better serve your clients. We will also provide you with all our knowledge and experience, and for that reason, we also have expectations from you as a distributor. Therefore, our distributors need to meet at least the following:

  • Experience, expertise, and knowledge – commercial as well as technical – of the healthcare and technology market.
  • Furthermore, a solid market position within a relevant market, based on your current business activities (manufacturers or distributors) and products.

In consultation, it is possible to obtain exclusive sales rights for a territory, once this is not yet applicable.

What Does Foston Europe offer as a partner?

As a distributor of Foston Europe, you can expect from us:

  • First of all customer satisfaction: our custom-made solutions are well known for its high quality, continuous innovation, and proven improvements. Your customers are future proof when using our products.
  • In addition: customer specific solutions: depending on the systems and wishes of the clients, we deliver custom-made solutions.
  • We are keen on professionalism: Specialized and driven employees at Foston are always looking for new challenges in their discipline.
  • And we use the newest techniques: Foston Europe bundles knowledge and expertise with the distributors to provide the market with the newest innovations and techniques.
  • We offer training: Foston Europe offers several technical training for our software integration platform and the Qlik Sense Healthcare platform. The training is dependent on the internal technical capacities.
  • Furthermore, we offer marketing support: together with the distributor, a marketing plan will be made to market the product at its best. Our distributors are very important for our international growth, and we strive for a lasting relationship.

Foston offers Calas in multiple languages to make it easy for you as a distributor to implement the software, and for the user to make use of it. The optional languages are Spanish, English, Portuguese, Dutch, and we are happy to announce Calas is also available in French now! If you would prefer to make use of Calas but in another language, there is always a possibility to discuss this, and we will do our best to offer the language you are looking for.

How can I become a distributor?

You can become a distributor by contacting us via email or phone and expressing your interest to become a distributor. Hence, we can investigate the possibilities that will suit and benefit both our companies. We are mainly looking for distributors in Europe, except for The Netherlands and Belgium

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