Award winning research: “Live 100 years”

Iseco Sistemas S.L., the company of which Foston is an international brand, participated in the project ¨VI00A (Vivir 100 Años) – Live 100 years¨. The current scientific advances causes that the people that were born in this era, will live up to one hundred years and therefore have, and will have, better living conditions. This project has been established for the reason that there is a need to rethink the design of our cities for a population that lives and will live longer, in order to meet their new needs and demands. This resulted in a very interesting and somehow essential research for companies, politicians, managers, professionals and the society in general.

Regarding the subject of this study, ¨Longevity and Future City¨, an university from Spain and Japan work together for the reason that these countries both have a population which has the longest life expectancy. The School of Architecture at the University of Tokyo and The School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (ETSAM) bundled expertise with companies that are interested in the subject of longevity in relation with architecture and the city. This resulted in a very interesting exchange of ideas.

In this era, people with longer life expectancy and an increasing vitality are becoming one of the largest groups. This is causing a great demographic transformation which also needs a change in the urban environment.

The aim of the project is to establish a collaboration between the R&D departments of leading firms and Spanish brands that are looking into the future from a responsible and social sustainable perspective. Therefore, Iseco participated in the project “Re-saving spaces”. This project stands for technology and materials that have to create safe areas with a friendly control of these areas. These safe areas are being provided with technological equipment, which have to control the areas in order to safeguarding the security of the users, but without giving them the feeling of being continuously monitored.

With the help of our own controlling and monitoring systems in building automation, we wanted to contribute to this project. With the development and continuous innovation of our systems, we want to improve the lives of those who need support by safeguarding their security, dignity and autonomy.  With our specialization in social and health buildings like: assisted living, nursing homes, centers for disabled (physical and mental), etc., we think we can contribute to this project in order to meet the new needs and demands of the aging society.

The project ¨VI00A (Vivir 100 Años) – Live 100 years¨, has won the research award at the 12th biennial of architecture and urbanism. Iseco is very proud of leading this project in Valencia and of this great achievement of winning the research award.

Read more about the project here.

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